Selected publications for the last years
Vesicular Ca(2+) mediates granule motion and exocytosis.
Borges R, Domínguez N, Estévez-Herrera J, Pereda D, Machado JD.
Chromogranins A and B are key proteins in amine accumulation, but the catecholamine secretory pathway is conserved without them.
Díaz-Vera, J, Camacho C, Machado JD, Montesinos,MS, Hernández-Fernaud JR, Domínguez N, Luján R & Borges, R.
Ouabain enhances exocytosis through the regulation of calcium handling by the endoplasmic reticulum of chromaffin cells
Milla, J., Montesinos, MS., Machado, JD., Borges, R., Moreno-Ortega AJ., Alonso, E., Cano-Abad, MF., García, AG. and Ruiz Nuño, A.
HIV-1 requires Arf6-mediated membrane dynamics to efficiently enter and infect T Lymphocytes
García-Expósito, L, Barroso-González, J, Puigdomènech, I, Machado, JD, Blanco, J and Valenzuela-Fernández,A.
Chromogranins as regulators of exocytosis
Borges, R., Díaz-Vera, J., Domínguez N, Aranu, MR, Machado, JD
The quantal secretion of catecholamines is impaired by the accumulation of beta-adrenoceptor antagonists into chromaffin cell vesicles
Montesinos MS, Camacho M, Machado JD, Viveros OH, Beltrán B, Borges R.
Chromogranin B gene ablation reduces the catecholamine cargo and decelerates exocytosis in chromaffin secretory vesicles.
Díaz-Vera J, Morales YG, Hernández-Fernaud JR, Camacho M, Montesinos MS, Calegari F, Huttner WB, Borges R, Machado JD.
The lupane-type triterpene 30-oxo-calenduladiol is a CCR5 antagonist with anti-HIV-1 and anti-chemotactic activities.
Barroso-González J, El Jaber-Vazdekis N, García-Expósito L, Machado JD, Zárate R, Ravelo AG, Estévez-Braun A, Valenzuela-Fernández A.
Moesin regulates the trafficking of nascent clathrin-coated vesicles.
Barroso-González J, Machado JD, García-Expósito L, Valenzuela-Fernández A.
Intravesicular calcium release mediates the motion and exocytosis of secretory organelles: a study with adrenal chromaffin cells.
Camacho M, Machado JD, Alvarez J, Borges R.
The crucial role of chromogranins in storage and exocytosis revealed using chromaffin cells from chromogranin A null mouse.
Montesinos MS, Machado JD, Camacho M, Diaz J, Morales YG, Alvarez de la Rosa D, Carmona E, Castañeyra A, Viveros OH, O'Connor DT, Mahata SK, Borges R.
Compensatory endocytosis in chromaffin cells.
Barg S, Machado JD.
Good practices in single cell amperometry.
Machado, JD., Montesinos, MS. and Borges, R.
Intragranular pH rapidly modulates exocytosis in adrenal chromaffin cells.
Camacho M, Machado JD, Montesinos MS, Criado M, Borges R.